Black cab blockage: Hundreds of taxis block roads in london 

The company is currently valued at around £11 million.

Yesterday, the general secretary of The London Taxi Drivers Association (LTDA) got together protest which slammed Uber.

He called it a ‘massive American monster that uses its financial strengths and army of lawyers to threaten, cajole and kowtow licensing authorities and regulations.

Yesterday, drivers were also seen venting their anger at London’s mayor, Boriss Johnson, they then unveiled a big blow-up rat representing the his approach to the issue.

‘Apparently, we’re iconic to London, and this is true. We should be looked after,’ said John O’Sullivan, 40, in his mini cab on The Mall, the processional route from Buckingham Palace to Leicester Square.

There are around 25,000 licensed black taxis in London, which can be hailed anytime in the street, and 60,000 licensed private hire vehicles, which can be pre-booked but not flagged down for customers safety.

But unlicensed cabs, operated by private individuals out to make a few extra pounds, are widely available in busy spots at times. They are far cheaper than black cabs, whose cost rises into double figures for even a short trip.

‘Every night of the week in London, there are people being attacked, robbed and assaulted by unlicensed minicab drivers.

‘The problem in recent years has bloomed. It’s now completely out of control at night in the West End and The East End.

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