Diss CAB can help households struggling to pay electricity bills 

Under its Energy Best Deal programme, which is funded by £3.8m from the energy industry for this winter, the CAB offers advice on understanding and cutting electric bills and switching suppliers.

“Vulnerable people are at risk of spending the weather in an uncomfortable cold, dark home because of worries about the cost of petrol. But if you’re anxious about the size of your bill or concerned about being able to keep your home hot enough, then there is action you can take without having to turn down the thermostat,” said Jane Guye, the chair of the CAB trustee board at Diss and Thetford.

“Energy Best Deal Extra can help you keep your bill as low as possible by getting a better deal, avoiding waste and making the most of support available from the Government or your energy supplier. Don’t wait until the colder days to take action.”

A survey among people who have received help showed that 76 per cent were concerned about winter petrol bills, 13 per cent said bills were a “strain”, 30 per cent were unable to heat their home because of the cost and 11 per cent blamed inefficient heat.

To find out more, visit Citizens Advice Bureau in Shelfanger Road.

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