Our Promise to the LGBT Community 

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Homophobic crime has been on the rise in the capital lately and hate crime prosecutions in London rose by 33% (BBC video) over the past year. Transgender people or those about to have sex changes seem to be the new targets for hate crime in UK. Now, it’s time to take action. Targeting a person purely because of gender identity or sexual orientation is a shameful act and should never be tolerated.
We provide gay and LGBT friendly minicab services and promise all our passengers:
“Our drivers are dedicated to treat all passengers respectfully, regardless of gender, religion, clothing style or sexual orientation”.

Supporters of gay marriage

We support same-sex marriage and hope it will be legal in England and Wales within short, following the successful law changes in Scotland earlier this year. We cannot believe why on earth it is still not allowed with equal marriage in the United Kingdom. At least the government are about to make a decision in the coming months.

We’re supporting the LGBT community

Luckily, London is a LGBT friendly city in general and we hope the events organized for gay and transgender people will increase. If you’re still unsure why supporting LGBT is the right thing to do, we suggest reading ‘Becoming trans positive‘ by Ben Gooch.

Our special deals to pride festivals

There are many fantastic gay festivals in UK and to show our support, we offer 15 % discount to all journeys to any of the major remaining pride festivals this year. Simply mention “LGBT 2012” when you call us at 0843 289 7367 to book a minicab with discount.

Manchester Gay Pride celebration

When? This festival is between 17th of August to 27th of August, 2012.
What to do? Visit the Manchester Pride Weekend or “Big Weekend” as it’s also called. The fun kicks off on Friday, August 24, and lasts through Monday, August 27. Stroll around the popular Canal Street Gay Village in Manchester and see performance by many interesting bands.
Website: http://www.manchesterpride.com

Pride Brighton & Hove

When? Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd of September 2012.
What to do? See the parade (1st of September) and visit the park event with lots of entertainment going on.
Website: http://www.pridebrighton.org

Cardiff Mardi Gras

When? 28th of Aug – 1st of September.
What to do? The Wales gay pride is a combination of a cultural festival, gay arts and Gay Pride event.
Website: http://www.cardiffmardigras.co.uk

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  • Steve Malick

    Excellent news. Thanks for the support, much appreciated.

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