Stansted Best Prepared for Snow in 2013 of London Airports 

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After a few days with heavy snowfall, it’s clear that Stansted can handle snow better than other airports in London. Over 95 % of flights from Stansted have departed on Saturday and Sunday. While quite a few flights have experienced delays, the track record is clear. Even with heavy snowfall, Stansted can cope and handle it. Perhaps it’s no surprise that Stansted have been vote the best airport for low-cost airlines two years in a row by 12 million passengers from 100 different countries.

However, Gatwick airport departures are currently also doing well. Yesterday
there were more cancelled and delayed flights than today. Worst statistics can be Heathrow airport, with over 260 cancelled flights on Sunday (around 20 % cancelled flights). It’s the third day in a row with poor departure statistics from Heathrow.

London Cabs are still surprised that one of the world’s most busy airports cannot do proper investments in snow ploughs. Send those people working with clearing the runways to Scandinavia or to Russia, where airports can handle several days of snowfall with less or no interruption..

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